Started D.Jing in my bedroom at the age of 13/14yrs then at the age of 15/16yrs me & my neighbor got into TRYING!!! to produce ....more


My musical passion stems back from the age of eleven were I started out as a roadie helping out on my brother’s roadshow. I was fascinated by the Asian sound and ....more


Nin comes from a family with a musical background. His dad is renowned tabla player Kuldip Singh Matharu who has taught many of today’s young stars. Nin’s Uncle Ajit Mutlashi ....more

Magic Saffron

It was during the late 80's and early 90's when I had my first 'run-in' with music. Bhangra was 'rockin', and I was experincing fresh, original sounds and fusions from bands such as ....more

Baby Blu

Baby Blu has been a musician in the bhangra industry since 1990. Real name Prem Nayer first started playing bass guitar in school and soon ....more

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