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Special thanks:
Funk Azia Management God fo the gift of hunger fo da music! My family fo putting up with my pure late nights, mom, dad, older bro, josh my junior G-UNIT, my niece and nephews not forgetting my okder sis Acky. Sukhi smelly long time no see? Mango and the Shaanti collective keep up the god work and keep on plug-in the tunes, Sunny, Sat and tubby’s the original JC Crew, Tony Untouchables, Frantic Kam, Th e Original Old Skool producer still dropping da bomb, Rambo my man respect always u now that, Guj the man behind the funk azia merchandise, and the DCS boys, all the radio stations. Djs, Media Company, for playing the part for keeping our music alive.

Peace ……………….

Super jones
Thanks too all my family and friends, all the artists and producers involved. All the management and team at Realtone Records, Sunny the engineer for putting up with the shite? Mukhtar Sahota for your time and ears nuff respect, parmesh you have a big future ahead of you jus chill out man (anymore pop-ups?) Big up to Birmingham’s finest movie production company “Dilated Films” headed by the UK’s Freshest director, Jaspal Kandola. Also, look out for the next big star to hit holywood, Steven Kandola. Respect to Danny and Sai of Ballistic Productions, for raising the standard good luck with the future guys. Mad Props to sat, Sunny, Tubbys, Ernest (Jasmine Café). Also thanks to everybody at FrontLine Productions (Big Tingz!).

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