Just Rai

Representing not only Punjabi music but Punjabi itself. Rai drop his highly anticipated debut album Jus Rai. This young man not only possesses a great musical ability but is also an amazing performer with his own unique style.

He remembers being a young kid and walking home from elementary school. Purposely taking back alleys all the way home so he could sing to himself along the way. Occasionally people would pop their heads from their yards to see who was singing and his shy demeanour would take hold and he would stop singing. As he matured he began to realise his love for music and the shyness began to gradually disappear. By the end of his high school days and his studies not on his mind he realised his love for music could not be ignored any longer, and he started his vocal training.

With most of his close family and friends behind him, Rai received plenty of support to the people around him who believed in him and his ability and wanted to see him succeed. However, as with most struggles in life, there was some along the way that doubted his ability and tried to persuade him to give up his dream, discounting it as a waste of time. However, he is equally as thankful to those who doubted him as to those who supported him, citing the doubters as a major source of motivation in his struggle to realise his dreams as a recording artist.

Jus Rai is the product of his hard work, training and determination. With not only Punjabi influences, but with music from the west and beats from all over the world. Rai exemplifies how hardships and struggles can be over come, and in the end it is those very struggles that define us. When something is made for true love then even the hardships involved bring about their own joy, and with that true passion he brings us his first album, Jus Rai.

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