Rhythm Shakers

Rhythm Shakers, are the new versatile and eclectic group of producers that are about to set new standards in the Asian music industry. Rhythm Shakers, an enigmatic collective featuring the originator Superjones; alongside two new individuals that create the sound that collectively defines "Rhythm Shakers".

Bups, an experienced musician and DJ within the Asian music industry, brings his defiant, dark and unique beats to the collective. Sunny, the final member of Rhythm Shakers, contributes to all things ‘Desi & Crunk’. Together they display extreme valour and excitement in their production which culminates into a sound that screams out to be taken notice of.

Rhythm Shakers’ dance floor tracks appeal a powerful introduction to what is set to be a phenomenal year for the new innovators of Asian sounds.

Rhythm Shakers would like to say a big thank you to all those involved in the making of this album, including all singers, musicians, lyricists, media and Realtone Records.

Finally and foremost a big thank you to our family and friends that have had to endure years of painful music listening and for their loving support. Rhythm shakers would not be the same without you.

Peace and love

Rhythm shakers

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